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by admin on August 29, 2011

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People are looking for ammunition deals online more and more as things in our world seem “unstable”, at best.

Whether you’re looking for ammunition for a handgun, rifle, or even assault weapon, Brownells likely has what you’re looking for, and at some of the best deals you will find online or in retail stores.

You do not need an FFL license to buy ammunition online, however, you do need to be at least 18 to order shotgun shells, or 21 for rifle ammunition and handgun ammunition.

You always want to make sure you check your state and local laws before ordering ammunition, because every reputable online store will (or should) follow those laws and guidelines.  Please be aware of that before trying to order – even from our special discount and sale links.

Brownells only sells ammo from the top ammunitions makers, so you can trust that the ammo you receive will be top quality, and carry a fantastic guarantee.

We know several people that are choosing to “invest” in ammunition over other market options right now. (Please do not consider that to be advice – it is simply an observation and you should ALWAYS consult your preferred adviser prior to any purchases.)

This is also the perfect time to look at getting your FFL License. We highly recommend the leading course because it is GUARANTEED or you get 150% back!  If you are thinking about this, check our our FFL course recommendation and the Ultimate FFL Kit. This is a brand new product that combines the original FFL Kit PLUS an exclusive EZ A&D Records Software at a substantial price reduction. Click Here!

With everything in life, always check out the vendor’s reputation and selling recommendations.  We unfortunately live in a world full of scammers, and with a topic as serious as this it is very important to do business with people that you can trust.

Please stay tuned for more articles on a variety of topics, including concealed carry, steps to surviving an active shooter, and we even have a “First Handgun Bootcamp” coming up!

Stay safe AND protected.






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Protect your 2nd Amendment rights and get your FFL License now BEFORE the current US administration effectively blocks your rights.

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Why our FFL License Guide?

  • The Only Accredited Better Business Bureau “A” Rated FFL License Guide Company
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This is exactly where you want to be… Process 150% Guaranteed in EVERY Zip Code in America

With this guide you get exactly what you need and no more.  You get simplified instructions and personal help directly from the owner of one of the Largest and Most Trusted Home Based FFL License Dealers & Class 3 FFL dealers in the entire Midwest…and if you don’t want to wade through a lot of bull to find the right FFL kit.  This guide shows you exactly how to get your Home Based Federal Firearms License and a Class 3 FFL License, and they make it as simple as chambering a round.

You may be wondering…

“Why do I need a Home Based FFL Kit?”

  • You probably already know this, but in case you don’t, it’s because Federally Licensed Firearms Dealers pay less for firearms. A lot less – 30% less.
    - That means instead of paying almost $1200 retail for a Bushmaster AR-15 M4, you’ll only pay a little over $800! Instead of paying $1250 for a Smith & Wesson 500, you’ll get it for only $800 and change!
    - That’s thousands of dollars – serious cash – we’re talking about You Saving! But that’s not all…you’ll never pay FFL transfer fees! Why wouldn’t you want to skip the middle man and save hundreds of dollars?
  • You probably also know that Obama is planning on making the playing field harder. Obama is on record as favoring more gun control. Among many other things he has said is: “…just because you have an individual right [to bear arms] does not mean that the state or local government can’t constrain the exercise of that right…”If you’ve been watching any drama or crime shows on TV lately, you can see the trend starting toward restricting guns – and portraying them as dangerous in the hands of the average citizen.  It’s our belief that if you want to get an FFL, you need to act now!
  • If you act now, you’ll be grandfathered in, but if you don’t act now, you may never have another chance.Getting your license can be so complicated that most people just give up and go back to paying thousands of extra dollars just to avoid the hassle. There are laws to learn and forms to fill out and Obama’s ATF to deal with. Chances are if you don’t know exactly what to do, you’re not going to get the FFL.

That’s exactly why Brandon Maddox created these guides.  Why do we recommend Brandon, in addition to the BBB, Gun Digest and Gun Broker?  Brandon went to the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill and has his Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) from Duke University.  He’s not an educated idiot, but he’s also not some idiot on the internet who doesn’t know what he’s talking about. If you have questions afterward, it’ll be Brandon you’ll talk to, and not some secretary or answering service.

Get the all new 2013 FFL Kit today.  It’s incredibly cheap, and will save you potentially hundreds or thousands of dollars over time, depending on how you plan to use your FFL.  There’s a new upgrade in the ULTIMATE version that is prices insanely reasonable right now – and it is a brand new product!  It combines the award-winning original FFL Kit AND the Exclusive EZ A&D Records Software at a substantial price reduction –> Click Here!

Be safe and protected.



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